Biobanks are repositories of biological samples with corresponding genetic and epigenetic (lifestyle, social, environmental) data.

You can read more about biobank based research from our previous publications (10.1016/j.cellimm.2007.02.013 [English], 10.1556/OH.2007.28021 [Hungarian]), or click here to review current literature regarding biobanks.

Around 2006-2007, I started to develop a web application which helps researchers to efficiently store and retrieve patient demographics, genetic and specimen information. The system enables them to customize the data gathering forms, control access, update data from multiple geographical locations (facilitates multi-site research) and export collected information for further statistical analysis. The system is still in use at the Semmelweis University and at the Debrecen University Faculty of Medicine.

If you are interested in using the system in your research activity, contact me. I provide necessary customization, development and secure hosting. Feel free to contact me, we will find out a mutually beneficial solution.